Marcelo Torres

Marcelo Torres, who was born in Buenos Aires on may 12, 1960, has been acquainted with music from early age. He took part in small vocal groups and Argentine folk music choirs. At the age of nine he started training to play the Spanish guitar.

His first contact with the electric bass was at the age of twelve, when he started self-teaching the instrument.

Symphonic rock of 1970 ( Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, etc) and National rock (Invisible, Aquelarre, Color Humano etc) have influenced his musical development a great deal.

At the age of eighteen he took contrabass lesson at the City School of Music (Conservatorio Municipal ¨Manuel de Falla¨ ) with maestro Ricardo Planas.
He participated as a session player with Marcelo San Juan, Julia Zenko, Roque Narvaja, Hugo Potenza, Piero, J. C. Baglieto and Adriana Varela among others.
He was part of instrumental musical groups such as Paulatino, Raffo IV, El Guevo, El Trueno, 86 Up, Francisco Rivero Quartet and Tantor, which was a very well-Known rock band made up by Rodolfo Garcia (Almendra, Aquelarre) Hector Starc ( Aquelarre) and Babu Cerviño. It was together with these musicians that he recorded his first L.P. (1981) ¨Magico y Natural¨ and performed in many places like El festival de la Solidaridad and B.A. Rock , in 1982.

In 1990 he was given a scholarship to attend a seminar on jazz music organized by Las Leñas Co. in Mendoza.

He shot two special programs on bass techniques for a private cable T.V. company.

He was a member of the group that played with Scott Henderson ( Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul ) in his special lesson taught in 1992.

He has taught bass clinics at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, the province of Mendoza and, lately, at the International Forum of Music and Sound, which took place at the Buenos Aires Loft Center. There he represented the Technological Institute of Contemporary Music, ( approved by the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles, U.S.A.) where he has been teaching lessons on Techniques and Improvisation since 1990.
In 1987 he was taken on by pianist Lito Vitale to make up the group called Lito Vitale Quartet, with which he recorded six albums and toured around Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Spain and France. The group was finally dissolved in september 1993.
As from 1989 his main instrument has become a six-string bass, which was made especially for him by the Argentine luthier Alejandro Rubio.

In 1993 he launched his first album, ¨Edad Luz¨, as a solo artist and composer in Spain and Argentina.
He has recently been awarded a second prize for instrumental music composition of folk projection, given by the Secretary of Culture and Education of Argentina.
At present, apart from his project as a solo artist, he is part of the group called "Spinetta y Los Socios del Desierto". This is the new band led by Luis Alberto Spinetta, one of the best-Known musicians in Argentina.

In 1996 he was part of the ensemble that presented Metropolis in the Colón Theatre, a contemporary work composed by Martín Matalón, an argentine musician based in France.

In 1999 he was invited to participate in the orchestra that performed Metrópolis in the Auditori Theatre in Barcelona. In both shows he played a fretless bass.

Between April 1994 and May 2000 he was part of "Spinetta y los Socios del Desierto", the band of Luis Alberto Spinetta, one of the best-known musicians in Argentina, and gave shows in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the U.S. He also took part in five Spinetta albums: Los socios del Desierto, Estrelicia, San Cristóforo, Los Ojos and Silver Sorgo.

Since 1994 he is part of the quintet that plays for tango singer Adriana Varela. He has given innumerable performances with her in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, the U.S., Spain, the U.K., Italy, France and Portugal.

At the moment he is presenting his new solo group "Proyecto Marcelo Torres" formed by pianist Fernando Pugliese, drummer Cristian Judurcha and saxophonist Gustavo Cámara.

In September 2003 he released "Constructor de Almas" (Soul Builder), his second solo album.

In 2004 he was part of the band which played the Four Contemporary Works for Power Trio produced by the University of Buenos Aires and performed this work at four concerts at Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

As  Indio Solari's band member, he played at the recording of El Tesoro de los Inocentes (Bingo Fuel), the first solo album of the mythical Rendoditos de Ricota Argentine band leader.

In 2004 he omposed the music for Pulqui Il short film, directed by Ricardo Pons.

He is continually touring the region with the Marcelo Projet Band, formed by pianist Abel Rogantini, drummer Diego Alejandro and himself. He has played with them and saxophonist Gustavo Cámara at numerous venues, the most notable ones being the Paysandú Jazz Festival in Uruguay, the Jazz and Other Musics Festival in Buenos Aires, the Rosario Jazzz Festival, the International Jazz Festival of Lapataia, Uruguay and the Argentina National Book Fair of 2005.